Wear a Mask!  Everyone -- including staff and participants who are (6+ years), who enter our facilities must be wearing a face covering (covering the mouth, nose and below the chin) at all times.   This means that mask are now required for group exercise classes and in the workout areas, even when a 6 foot distance can be maintained.

Are there exemptions for medical conditions?  There are respiratory and other health conditions that might indicate that a face covering should not be worn, before proceeding, please contact your branch’s leadership team for approval.  If you cannot wear a facial covering we may ask you to use a face shield instead and/or use some of our specifically designated fitness equipment.  Our goal is to help reduce community spread amongst our facility users and we appreciate your help.

Will the YMCA staff wear face coverings in the pool?   Great question.  Our lifeguards will not wear a face covering while they are on-duty “rescue ready” because a face covering would interfere with their responsibility of providing a safe environment to our swimmers.  Our instructors will wear face shields because cloth face masks cannot be used effectively when wet.  All staff will wear a face covering when they are not actively engaged in one of these two activities.

Do I need to wear a face covering while I’m working out now?  Yes.  We need everybody to wear a face covering in the wellness center while working out and in group exercise classes.  While these activities were previously exempt from the face covering policy, this is temporarily no longer true.  The YMCA wants to help reduce community spread of COVID-19 in our centers and now require face coverings for these activities.

What should I do if somebody is not wearing a face covering that should?  Please report this to our staff.  Please do not approach the individual yourself.  Our staff will know if an exemption has been granted and handle the situation appropriately.

What other measures are being taken?  We will be designating some equipment in our wellness center specifically for use by individuals who cannot wear a face covering.  This equipment will have partitions protecting the area around the equipment from other nearby users.  This equipment is intended for use by people who cannot wear a face covering and should be reserved for their use.

What if I don’t wish to wear a face covering but don’t have an exemption?  This measure is temporary and we look forward to being able to remove this restriction in the future.  Until then we will ask you to not come to the Y without a face covering.  If you wish to put your membership on hold while you wait, we will honor your request.

Did I hear somebody mention a Virtual Online YMCA?  You certainly may have. As a member, you have access to Virtual Y.

 A Few More Details ...   

Masks can be removed while participants are in the pool or in the shower, but they must be immediately replaced when exiting the pool/shower.

Youth who are actively participating in the pool or actively engaged in Youth Sports or youth gross motor activities, may be exempt from wearing a mask during this time.     

Stay Home if You’re Sick: Members should stay home if they don’t feel well. The CDC and state public health officials encourage seniors and members of vulnerable populations, including those with underlying health conditions, to stay at home.

Be Ready for Answer Health Questions when you enter our facilities.

Wash or Sanitize Your Hands Upon Entry: All members will be asked to wash or sanitizer their hands upon entry to our facilities.

Keep the Kids at Home:  At this time, we are not permitting anyone under the age of 11 in our fitness facilities.  We are also limited our Group Exercise Classes to ADULTS only.

Bring your own Towel, a Water Bottle and a Workout Mat.

Keep Your Distance: Please exercise on designated equipment only and respect all signage regarding social distancing. Strive to maintain at least six feet between you and others whenever possible.

Expect Reduced Capacity: To ensure proper social distancing, our member areas will have a limited capacity. At times of full capacity you will be asked to wait in a designated area until space is available.

Remember to Wipe Down Equipment: Please help us reduce the risk of exposure by wiping down all equipment, weights, mats, etc. with the provided cleaning materials before and after each use.


Regular Temperature Checks: Staff will receive temperature checks before being allowed to start their work shift or to check in.  Members will be asked to answer health related questions, but will not have their temperatures checked.

PPE for All Staff: All staff will be required to wear masks and other personal protective equipment.

Self-Scan: Members will be asked to self-scan to allow for limited contact entry.

Limiting Capacity to Facilities and Rooms. 

Limiting Admission to the building to  those 11 and older. 

Routine Cleaning and Nightly Sanitation: Staff will be cleaning/disinfecting high touch areas every 30 minutes while our facilities are open to members.  Each evening after we close, we will ensure that the facility is sanitized prior to welcoming members back to the Y the next morning.